Do you want to learn how to give amazing customer service and increase your sales in just three hours?

By far the most common complaint I hear from florists is that they want to increase their sales, their order values, income and customer return rate. You can!

Dramatically boost sales by learning the most effective Florist Sales Strategies.

Improve customer return rates by empowering both you and your employees to give exceptional customer service.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing flowers, unique designs, or a stunning studio! If you and your employees cannot give extraordinary customer service that drives bigger and better sales, you aren’t earning as much as you could and should!

Sales and Customer Service Training should be made available to each and every one of your staff.

I believe this program is the single most effective way to instantly and measurably increase income for your florist!

How it works: Get in touch to book a workshop. Let me come to your studio, and get you and your employees excited, focused and motivated about working with your customers! I will teach simple easy to implement methods and practical steps to realize more profitable sales. These are skills that will be with them forever, and that they can start using immediately!

Investment: $485+GST per 3 hour workshop, plus travel. This includes email and phone support for the following 3 weeks. Maximum 6 participants per workshop.


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