Are there techniques or design styles you haven’t quite mastered, or need to learn? Do you want to be inspired to design something truly unique, or create a fresh look for your studio?

Even the best florists need a little help and inspiration!

I can bridge the gap between your initial floristry training and the practical industry knowledge required to stay ahead.

I pride myself on my technical skills, ability to demonstrate and teach florists to create designs in a calm and concise way. There is nothing I love more than helping a florist improve their skills!

I have had the pleasure of working with many florists from all over the world, and have designed and created countless pieces for a wide variety of clients. From a simple buttonhole to large scale events and installations for Celebrities and Heads Of State. I can help you achieve your floristry goals.

How it  works: Contact me, so we can discuss your needs. Let’s book in a time for me to visit your studio. I work with you and your team to teach the theory behind, as well as the step-by-step method and mechanics to create any floristry design. I also offer training in all other display and presentation aspects of retail floristry. My unique approach allows you to have continuing education that is tailored to your needs, and delivered personally in your environment.

Investment: $295+GST per 3 hour session, plus travel. Your personalised consultation may cover more than one topic, and will take place at your studio. Any flowers, foliages or sundries required are at your own cost. Maximum 3 florists per session.

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